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George Bush’s service to his country started at age 18, when he was the youngest pilot to join the Navy and fly in World War II. During his successful business career as a pioneer in the oil business, Mr. Bush moved his family to Houston and became active in local politics. In 1966, following as unsuccessful 1964 bid for the United States Senate, he was elected to represent Houston’s 7th Congressional District in the United States Congress. Mr. Bush lost a second bid for the U.S. Senate in 1970 and was subsequently appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in the People’s Republic of China, and CIA Director. In 1980, George Bush was elected to serve the first of two terms as Vice President of the United States.

Following his election as the 41st President of the United States in 1988, history will note that George Bush helped secure freedom’s victory in the Cold War without a shot being fired. During this time, the threat of nuclear war was drastically reduced; the Soviet Union ceased to exist, replaced by a democratic Russia; the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunified; Eastern Europe and the Baltic States all became free; and President Bush forged an unprecedented coalition of 32 nations to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s brutal aggression – thus paving the pay for Israel and her Arab neighbors at the Madrid Peace Conference to begin anew their quest for peace in the Middle East.

Not only did he faithfully discharge his duties as Commander-in-Chief with consummate skill and honor, George Bush also remained faithful to Houston when he chose to host both the 1990 G-7 Economic Summit AND the 1992 Republican National Convention here – earning our city a windfall of financial investment and global media attention.

Following his Presidency, George and Barbara Bush moved back home to Houston, and they have since assisted countless civic and other organizations by raising millions of dollars for worthy causes. Perhaps most notably, President Bush today is chairman of the Board of Visitors of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – one of Houston’s most respected institutions, and a cause the former President has supported for some three decades. Of course, in 2000, President Bush added one more unique highlight to his long list of distinctions: he became the first United States President since John Adams to see his son elected to succeed him in that high Office.

The culmination of these civic, national and international accomplishments inextricably link George Bush, his remarkable family, and the City of Houston. The George Bush Statue and Monument will commemorate his public service for centuries to come.


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