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Willy Wang graduated from the sculpture department of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art in 1962 and later immigrated to the United States in 1981.

His style of sculpting largely reflects naturalism and realism. Wang's talent resides in his ability to capture an innate quality and an essence of his human subjects. He recreates life with striking accuracy, lucidity, intensity, depth, and dimension. A listing of his works include a marble sculpture of Madame Sun-Yat Sen at her former residence in Beijing (a replica of this is kept in China's Fine Arts Museum); a sculpture of Dr. Sun Yat Sen at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.; a bronze cast of George Brown in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston; a bronze bust of movie star Cary Grant in Beverly Hills, Hollywood; a full sized bronze statue of A. Kaprielian at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles; and a bronze statue of William P. Hobby at the Texas State Capitol.

Several of his contemporary pieces such as Embrace and Dance of the East reside in private collections. These works though more abstractly constructed, still exhibit the same exquisite technique, rich, and harmonious expression of Wang's talent.

Wang utilitize a wide range of art forms to convey his inner feelings and genuine passions. His sketches, oil paintings, murals, posters, and caricatures all demonstrate his compelling talent to capture human life, to master a craftsmanship, and to brilliantly execute his vision through art. Some of these works include the Great Evans Mural in Los Angeles (60'x16'), an oil painting of Bishop Clinton S. Quin, founding father of St. Luke's Hospital in the grand lobby of the Hospital in Houston, and a published collection of his much popular caricatures of movie stars.

Aside from being an actively commissioned artist, Wang also devotedly volunteers to teach art at the Will Wang Workshop. His students come from various backgrounds and prefessions and often show significant progress after attending his workshops over a few years.

Wang is a member of the Chinese Arists Society and the National Sculpture Society, America. Several of his pieces appear in China's Fine Arts Museum and in public exhibitions across the America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Wang has received awards for his artwork from the Chinese Artists Society and the American Emmy Awards. His work has been featured in newspapers and on several television and radio stations in exclusive interviews. He has been granted titles such as "Honorary Citizen" and "Honorary Mayor".


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